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Thursday, April 30, 2009




Daniel St-Jean



One of those driving rains penetrated the immense maple in Christian and Corinne’s backyard all the way down to the MAGIC TELEVISION on which it left rivulets of water.

That morning, Christian and Corinne, wanting to go outside, but not at all interested in getting drenched by this unexpected and unwanted downpour on a weekend, had sought refuge in their marvelous TELEVISION, where they were now comfortably seated, waiting out a storm which seemed to have no intention of ever going away.

“Christian, aren’t you starting to find this a bit boring, just sitting here, doing nothing but watching this rain fall in the pool, on the lawn, on the roof of the house? It’s already been quite a while that we’re here and it’s always the same – the rain falls, falls, falls… We watch, watch, watch.’’

Christian smiled and said, “ But that’s not all Corinne, we also listen, listen, listen… ’’

“ You know Christian, that isn’t funny. Have you forgotten that Papa warned you not to tease me too much? That he said that too much teasing made people aggressive? ”

“ Yes, yes Corinne. You’re right. Excuse me little sister. ”

“ And you have to stop calling me little. ME - I’m almost as BIG as you! ”

Christian took a deep breath and rolled his eyes. It was going to be one of those days… Bad weather always seemed to affect his little sister in the strangest way… Oh well, that’s life, he said to himself, that’s life…

“ Corinne, what do you propose we do, then? ” Christian retorted in as conciliatory a tone as he could muster.

“ Well, if it weren’t so rainy, Christian, we could go for a ride in our MAGIC TELEVISION. There are a few hours left before Papa Steve calls us in for lunch. ”

“ Excuse me children, ” interrupted the TELEVISION, “ but I couldn’t help overhearing. And, there are two things I would like to say to you at this time. First, I congratulate you both for having patched up your spat in such mature fashion. Your parents would be very proud of you. Second, and do not doubt this, not even for a second, there will never be a storm bad enough to prevent you from going on an adventure with me. It’s impossible! ”

“ Sounds okay TELEVISION, but where could we go? ” enquired Christian and Corinne.

The children started to think about the various travel possibilities. For several long seconds all was quiet, then, suddenly, Corinne broke silence and enquired, “ Christian, I don’t know if it’s the right time of the year to be thinking about such things, but why don’t we go on the other side of the moon, you know, the dark side which we never see from the earth, that side where, according to Pépére, lives the Easter Bunny and all those who help him make those wonderful candies which he brings to earth and hides in the houses of little children at Easter? ”

“ Good idea, Corinne. You- sometimes you’re so cool … ” Corinne looked at her older brother and gave him the most beautiful of smiles. My how she loved him at times…

“ But is this possible, TELEVISION? ” asked Christian. “ Is it possible to go so far in so little time? ”

“ Certainly, my children, ” answered the TELEVISION. “ All you have to do is put me in SUPER SPEED, which is what you did when we went to Houston to visit your cousin MattMan, and we’ll be there in a heartbeat. ”

“ TELEVISION, do we even have time to go to Orléans to pick up our cousins Caleb and Liam? I’m sure they’d love to join us. ”

“ This poses no problem whatsoever, but do you think Liam is old enough for such an adventure? He is still very small, you know. He might be too scared… ”

Corinne looked at Christian with an air of serious thought and responded, “ You’re right TELEVISION, another time for Liam- at this time it’s perhaps best to leave him at home with Aunt Alexis. Now let’s get a move on! Quickly- let’s go pick up Caleb, and like Papa often says--- laissons les bons temps roulez, let’s rock ‘n roll !!!”



To be continued … EARLY JUNE, 2009

Our three young adventurers arrive on the dark side of the moon. What evils lurk there, waiting for the unwary traveler?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



A new C&C adventure story in SIX + DODOS OR READINGS.

Christian and Corinne, along with their cousin Caleb, voyage to the other side of the moon in their MAGIC TELEVISION and return with a new doll for a new century.