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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Not long after, the children were back home, safe and sound, but visibly pooped. Christian and Corinne were seated at the table finishing “ the best coq au vin ever ” when the telephone rang. Maman Renée hurried, as usual, to answer it.

“ Allo,” she said.

“ Bonjour Renée,” answered Caleb’s father.

And recognizing the voice, Maman Renée said,” Et rebonjour to you, René. Each is called René-e and from their first meeting such is the way they have greeted each other.

“ Renée, do you mind telling me what’s happening??? Ever since we’ve been at the supper table Caleb, who, as you know, eats like someone who’s been on a starvation strike, has hardly touched his food. All he wants to do is talk about an adventure with Christian and Corinne in their magic television… on the other side of the moon… in the country of the dolls… and so on… Come on now sister-in-law, what gives? ”

“ Catch your breath, René… we’re going to have to speak to our children… Christian and Corinne gave us the same gibberish. Did these three communicate with each other on such a stormy day? Where? How? This story of a magic television… it’s starting to get on our nerves… and worry us… really. We’ll look into it. Then I’ll phone back. Okay? ”

“ Okay. Good night. And good luck.”


Every major event has several stories. Written almost a full year before the unhappy events daily unfolding in Haiti, the one you have just read could be one of them. The first doll off the Moonrockers’ assembly line is Marie from Haiti. In a letter of introduction, she tells Corinne about herself and the poor country she calls home and asks Corinne if she really wants her and will take good care of her.

Who would have known that a year later there would have been thousands of real Maries asking thousands of real Corinnes the very same thing.

Building Bridges. Breaking Barriers... This is what this story and the It Doesn' t Matter Doll are all about. I wrote this story in Florida in the winter of 2009 and started posting it on my Blog one Dodo at a time when I returned in the spring. In the light of what's presently occurring in Haiti as I'm writing these words this doll story seems to have taken on a whole new relevancy. If I could find a way of converting it into cash I would gladly donate it to help the thousands of children suffering there.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this story as much as I've enjoyed writing it. If so, I would appreciate it greatly if you took a few minutes to answer the following question in the COMMENTS section of my Blog: If the IT DOESN'T MATTER DOLL were available in your stores, would you purchase one? Why? Why not?

Thank You.


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