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Monday, September 22, 2008

Christian and Corinne at Cousin Matthew’s in Texas

Christian and Corinne sat at their most favorite place in the whole world, on the big rock, next to the swimming pool, close to the maple tree, and close to the MAGIC TELEVISION. Life was beautiful indeed.

“Christian, what are we going to do today?” asked Corinne. I’m getting kind of tired just sitting here. Usually we do something fun- we run, we play catch, we go for a ride in the Television….

“I’m thinking, Corinne,” replied Christian in a serious voice. “I have to think.”

“What about?”

“About Uncle Ray, about Aunt Stéphanie, and about cousin Matthew.”

“Cousin Matthew - he was just born Christian. We’ve never even seen him….”

“That’s what I’m thinking about Corinne. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to meet him! “

“Yes Christian, but that’s impossible at this time. Papa says that Houston where he lives is very, very far and that to get there takes three to four days by car. That’s really far, you know….

Christian was just about to answer his little sister when he heard a noise coming from the direction of the MAGIC TELEVISION.

“Did you say something Television?” enquired Corinne, turning her head and looking at it.

“Come closer children,” answered the Television. “Come closer….”

Christian and Corinne looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and approached the Television.

“I was listening children and let me tell you it is possible to go to Texas. Even though it’s quite far I can take you there and return you home for lunch.”

Christian looked at his little sister and they both started to laugh. “You’re teasing us Television. Every time we went exploring with you we always went very slowly. It was fun, but not too fast,” Christian said.

“Yes this is true Christian, but we were not going far so we traveled at a speed which would allow you to look around and take in all the scenery. But believe me I can go a lot faster. Look closely.”

The Television opened its screen and in a low voice only the children could hear asked,” Do you see that little black box on the floor - in the far right hand corner? It’s a super special computer which allows me, upon request, to travel at extremely high speeds - faster than any plane in existence - to any destination in the world.”

“WOW!” exclaimed both children, eyes fixed on the box.

“Let’s go Christian! Let’s go to Houston to see Bébé Matthew.”

“O.K. Corinne. Good idea!”

The children entered their wonderful MAGIC TELEVISION and the screen closed behind them. They sat, pressed all the right buttons on the control panel and the Television started to climb one more time high, high in the sky.

“Now look again at the black box children.” Christian and Corinne did as requested and noticed a screen starting to come out from behind the box. On this screen there was a map.

“That Christian and Corinne is a map of Canada and the United States, which is where you want to go. Houston, you know, is in another country. Do you still want to go? Like always it is only and just at your command that I displace myself.”

“Yes!” responded both children in a decisive and confident voice. Take us to Houston to visit our new cousin. Let’s go- FAST!”

“Then hold on children!”

Christian and Corinne heard a small whir and VROOM they were on their way - so fast that even when they looked outside all they could see was a blur. But to their great joy they quickly discovered that they could follow their progress on the map on the computer screen. A red line traced their route accompanied by a voice naming the places and cities they were whirring over. “… are now over eastern Ontario all the way to Windsor, over Detroit in the state of Michigan, Toledo and Cincinnati in Ohio, Louisville in Kentucky, Nashville and Memphis in Tennessee, Little Rock in Arkansas, Texarkana in Texas, now in Houston over cousin Matthew’s house…”

“They’re funny all these words eh Christian? ChinChinNati, Encasa, Oihoho, Texacaca…They’re funny, funny, funny….ha! ha! ha! ha !”

“Yes Corinne, but now is not the time to amuse ourselves with words. Let’s slowly descend to see if our cousin is outside,” Christian added, as he lightly pressed the Down button.

The Television went down, down, down….

“Look Christian, look on the balcony in the bright sun there’s a baby carriage with a baby in it!” Corinne exclaimed. “It’s him! It’s our cousin! Let’s go see him!”

“Hold on Corinne! Aunt Steph must be close by. If she sees us she’s going to wonder what we’re doing here and how we got here in the first place.”

“Yes, that’s true. She’s going to have a real scare.”

“This is not a problem children,” interrupted the Television. “Look behind the black box. There are two hats there in the corner. Put them on and you will become invisible. Let me also tell you, for I’ve forgotten to do so up to now, this Television is also invisible. There are only you two and those you want to who can see it. Do you understand?”

“Yes. We understand,” replied Christian and Corinne, their hearts beating with joy.

Seconds later they were on the balcony, stepping out of the Television and approaching the carriage.

“Oh look Christian. Look how he’s beautiful. He’s sleeping. Ah!!! This is really cute!”

“Yes! Yes! Also look carefully Corinne. His hair is also a bit orange like Uncle Ray’s.”

“And his cheeks are fat like a chipmunk’s - just like Aunt Stéphanie’s in her baby pictures” added Corinne.

“What baby pictures Corinne?”

“Don’t you remember - the pictures in the album Pépé and Mémé showed us last Christmas?”

“Boy Oh Boy! What a memory you have Corinne!”

“I love him so much my beautiful little Matthew, my beautiful little Matt Man.”

“Matt Man?” asked Christian. “You know Corinne that’ a pretty good nickname for our cousin - not bad at all.”

“Yes! Yes! I know,” answered Corinne, beaming with pride. “Then it’s settled - from now on that’s our name for him. O.K. Christian?”

“Agreed Corinne!”

At supper, when the children related their latest adventure to their parents these two, as always, laughed, saying “My what vivid imaginations!”

However, not long after, Maman Renée looked at her husband, somewhat concerned, and asked -“But tell me Steve, how do they know he has hair the color of oranges, cheeks like a chipmunk’s?”


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Very interesting and useful.

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